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#1 15-12-2011 21:34:23

Registered: 16-04-2008
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Thanks Decco!!!


I think I speak for all of our fellow Badge Collectors in saying, Thank You for your efforts on maintaining this site and keeping it going through all years. 

Good Luck to everyone!


Final Badge Count:  640
Server Firsts: 94 (On my primary toon / primary server)
Game Firsts:  28
Collections Completed:  546
Collections Not Completed:  7

Collections Not Completed List:
- [Slayer] Player Bounty System
- [Hobbies] Five Exceptional Loot Chests
- [Space Slayer] Imperial Ace Pilot
- [Space Slayer] Neutral Ace Pilot
- [Achievements] Imperial
- [Achievements] Imperial Guild
- [Achievements] Imperial City

Real life got in the way for completing the last few collections and badges I needed, but it was a fun run!

NOTE:  I was able to finish the Legendary Loot Collection once I discovered you could turn in the disk to get the chests.

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#2 19-12-2011 19:38:45

Registered: 21-03-2008
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Re: Thanks Decco!!!

Thank you Dalbok ^^
Thank you all for supporting and using this website ^^

Really great job on your collections smile
Here my personal results :

Badges : 606

Weapons : 17/17
Armors : 7/7
Slayers : 91/91
Artifacts : 30/30
Decorations : 24/24
Devices : 8/10
Crafting : 26/38
Hobbies : 80/82
Space Slayer : 46/46
Space Collectibles : 20/20
Achievements : 189/189

Total Collections : 538/554

I'm happy to have reached the 600 badges, and the last day, a GM finally gave me the Galactic Showcase badge ^^


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